About us

Essentia Zorg* is a modern healthcare organization that focuses on person-oriented support for vulnerable people in their familiar environment. It owes its existence to the social need for qualitative and dedicated care in the highly versatile Netherlands. 

*For convenience purposes we call Essentia Zorg: Essentia Care. (Considering "zorg" is the Dutch word for "care").

Our raison d'être -the reason we exist
Although many health care organizations try to lend a helping hand with the best of intentions, practice shows that there are large groups of people who do not receive the necessary or desired care. There are also people in need who remain off healthcare institutions' radars. These people would greatly benefit from appropriate information provision and a confidential environment as a safe starting point for home healthcare. Essentia Care wants to offer a helping hand in this.

Healthcare should connect with the person in need in such a way that he or she does not experience any barriers when applying for it. Individual needs should also be carefully noted. Even in difficult times. However, every person is unique and diversity in needs requires adaptability of the care provider. That is why Essentia wants to offer more than just the minimum basic care, even in times of scarcity in healthcare and a rapidly increasing aging population. It takes a bit, but we hope to make even the most difficult to reach and most needy corners of our society a more beautiful place.

"Essentia stands for one's very own, deepest and unchanging nature and identity"

What does Essentia mean?
The Latin term Essentia stands for the 'essence' of something. That which makes something what it is. One's own, deepest and unchanging nature and identity. At Essentia Care we therefore see the need to connect with the background of the care recipient for an optimal feeling of well-being. For example, someone who experiences a specific wish, attitude, discomfort, belief or outspoken passion as the core of his life, finds completely different qualities important in a care provider than someone whose life is not focused on such things.

Who are you? What do you value? These are simple questions that are not always asked. Essentia Care does ask them and is happy to do so. Humans are not one-dimensional, but rich in properties that determine the extent to which they accept help, share or receive meaningful information and allow closeness. These unique properties determine where Essentia Care meets you and form the foundation on which we build.